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Looking for parts for your pumps, hydrants, livestock waterers, hot tub, or pool pumps? Look no further! We offer a wide range of parts to keep your water supply equipment running smoothly. 

Pump Parts

We offer a wide range of pump parts that are readily available in our stock. Our inventory includes parts for the products we sell, as well as other brands. You can easily find the parts you need and get your pump functioning smoothly again.

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Electric Motor Parts

Looking for motor start switches, capacitors, fans, and other electrical components?  Many in stock and a wide array that can be ordered. Over 100 capacitors for motors up to 5HP in stock!

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Irrigation Parts

We have a wide range of sprinkler heads, valves, controls, fittings, and hose in stock.  Hunter products that will keep your lawn and garden looking lush and healthy.

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Water Supply Parts

Parts for Ritchie livestock fountains, Merrill yard hydrants and more.

hydrant parts, pitless adapter, pressure switche, low-level cut off switch, high level alarm, pump switches, pil switches, water supplies, water system accessories, water systems

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals for residential, commercial and industrial pumps.  Largest selection in Saskatchewan with access to almost any pump seal.

Pump seals, Pump mechanical seal, pump seal, mechanical seals, pump part, water pump seal, water pump mechanical seal
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